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Polygraph Services in Weston Super Mare

Our lie detector service in Weston Super Mare is reliable and highly accurate. The correct term for this service is called a polygraph test and it is used to get the truth effectively.

A polygraph test can be used to detect dishonesty or to prove innocence and can save time and money in the long term by avoiding lengthy investigations.

A polygraph test measures a person’s physiological reactions when asked relevant questions. The examiner will monitor your blood pressure, pulse and respiration and record any changes on the basis that a lie will cause such changes.

Computerised polygraph testing has been found through broad research to be 98% accurate. Therefore it is an incredible tool to help detect dishonesty.

We use the latest technology and highly professional examiners who can carry out the polygraph test at a location suitable for you.  All our examiners are members of the American Polygraph Association and the British and European Polygraph Association.

A typical polygraph test takes around 2 – 3 hours. Our examiner will explain all stages to the client. Our examiners are discreet, ethical and professional at all times.

A polygraph test can be invaluable in finding the answers you need whether it be a domestic, corporate or criminal issue.

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